New Scaremester Gigi Grant

Gigi looks magical with her ultra-high pink ponytail and long orange hair. She is wearing a black shirt decorated with a shiny gold scorpion. One sleeve is pink and the other is turquoise. Accentuating the top is a pink and turquoise wrap skirt with a black waist and gold buckle. Under the skirt are sheer white tights with a black interlocking chain pattern. On her feet are gold scorpion booties with cutouts to form legs, pincers, and curled stingers for heels.

Accessories for the outfit feature black drop earrings, a black ponytail holder, a gold belt, and a purse. The elaborate belt is made up of multiple hanging chains and chain loops. The pink purse has a turquoise flap, a gold scorpion emblem, and a gold handle. Also included with the doll is a brush, doll stand, Gigi’s Scaremester diary, and a turquoise binder.

  • Model Number:
  • BJM41
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