New Scaremester Invisi Billy

Invisi Billy looks terror-ific with his black & blue wardrobe that matches his black hair and blue highlights. He is wearing a hoodie with horizontal blue stripes and a color gradient from blue to black.

Complementing the hoodie are light & dark blue long shorts with random white pixels. On his feet are white loafers with black patches.

He accessorizes with a light blue beanie, silver stud earrings, a silver necklace, silver bracelet, and silver watch. Around his waist is a white pyramid studded belt and over one shoulder he carries a translucent black pouch bandolier.

Also included with the doll is a brush, doll stand, Invisi Billy’s diary, and a translucent black binder.

  • Model Number:
  • BJM44
  • Find this manster at

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