Outta Fright Operetta

Operetta has long hot rod red hair with two black streaks and bumper bangs. Her pale lavender complexion is enhanced with bold red lips and minty aqua eyeshadow. Over one left eye is a black heart-shaped mask.

She wears a 1950s-inspired spiderweb dress with a purple vinyl record overskirt. A belt, black mesh neck scarf, and black fishnet stockings complete the look. On her feet are piano key shoes with music note heels.

Operetta carries a black and red guitar shaped handbag and wears dice earrings. Resting on top of a polka dot bow headband is her pet spider, Memphis Longlegs.

Included with the doll is a stand and a Certificate of Authenticity.

From the box:

The hottest show at Monster High is down in the Catacombs and Operetta is ready to let her rip!
With a voice that can drive the ghouls downright batty, Operetta usually records her songs to keep down the fuss. But with a new guitar lick and an outfit that's roll over and die for, there's no keeping this phantom in the shadows! All eyes are on Operetta in her retro spider web wiggle dress and vinyl record overskirt. Memphis Longlegs, her rockabilly spider is ready to boogie on top of Operetta's fiery, bumper banged, high-top hairstyle! The pitch perfect look is complete with piano inspired heels and a guitar handbag. Ready to blow the roof off this sucker, Operetta is ready to make Monster High shriek, rattle, and roll!

  • Model Number:
  • HRP93
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