Party Ghouls Abbey Bominable

Abbey looks magnificent with her straight white hair pulled to the back and decorated with a streak of blue and purple. She has pale blue skin, purple eyes, gray shadow, and fanged dark blue lips.

Her outfit has a black faux fur shawl and a beautiful dress. The dress is purple with a pointed black hem and a print of purple, blue, and black puff balls.

Translucent accessories include a black headband with purple crystals and a choker with epaulettes. A cross strap connects the choker to the belt.

On her feet are translucent blue crystal boots with icy cuffs. Floral embellishments can be attached to the belt, strap, or boots. Her furry blue purse has a purple moth accent and is inspired by Shiver, her pet woolly mammoth.

  • Model Number:
  • FDF12
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