Power Ghouls Toralei Stripe as Cat Tastrophe

Toralei is dressed up as Cat Tastrophe, the crafty kitty of chaos. The villainous troublemaker has long orange hair and hides her identity by wearing a black cat-eye mask with whiskers. Her black & gray spotted jumpsuit is covered with jagged horizontal orange stripes. It has a black collar and a cat-like skullette emblazoned on the chest.

The suit is accessorized with black fingerless gloves, a red studded collar, silver studded armband, silver studded mouse bracelet, two black stud earrings, and a black hoop earring. Worn around the waist is a silver pyramid-studded utility belt with dangling orange feathers. The red zippered knee-high boots have black platforms and claw-like heels.

Also included with the doll is a brush, doll stand, and a Cat Tastrophe mini comic book.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7301
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