Power Ghouls Wydowna Spider as Webarella

Wydowna is going to Comic Con as Webarella, her favorite comic book superheroine. The cosplay costume begins with a shiny silver sleeveless top detailed with a red spiderweb.

Under the top is a red skirt held by a white belt with a skull buckle featuring six red spider eyes. Attached to the belt is Webarella’s silver lasso. On her feet are silver studded knee-high spiderweb boots with red heels.

The costume is accessorized with silver spiderweb earrings, a red fingerless glove, and six bracelets, one for each arm. The bracelets consist of two white double hoops, a silver double hoop, a red double hoop, a spiked red band, and a spiked silver band.

Wydowna has also brought a change of clothes to the event. She has a white, red & black sleeveless dress with a collage of comic book phrases like “Boom!”, “Pow!”, and “Bamm!”. To complement the dress there is a wide black spiderweb belt, silver pants, and red & black spiderweb heels.

This exclusive of the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con also includes a black brush, Wydowna’s diary, a mini Webarella comic, and Shoo, her pet fly.

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  • Y7307
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