Robecca Steam & Hexiciah Steam 2-Pack

Robecca Steam
Robecca has blue and black streaked hair that is long and wavy. Her eyes have gear-shaped irises and her metallic copper skin is complemented by a silvery eyeshadow, pink eyeliner, and red lipstick.

She is wearing a shimmery blue dress decorated by a gear & screw motif. It has puffy sleeves, purple trim, and a tulip skirt with a purple ruffled hem.

Accessories begin with dangling copper gear earrings and a blue top hat adorned with copper gears and sprockets. On one wrist is a purple steampunk cuff and around her waist is an elaborate copper belt with lots of gears and mechanical parts. Robecca’s shoes are riveted blue pumps with ankle straps and dangling sprocket accents.

Hexiciah Steam
Hexiciah has black hair with parted bangs, sideburns, and a big handlebar mustache. He has strong angular features and his right eye has a gear-like iris. Copper mechanical gears and pistons make up his left forearm and hand.

He is wearing a white collared shirt with rolled up sleeves, a purple ascot tie, and a shimmery blue pinstripe vest with buttons up the front. Around his waist is a brown tool belt with a pouch that can hold his hammer, screwdriver, and socket wrench. His red breeches are accompanied by a one-piece stocking and shoe combo. The knee high stockings are white with gray accents and the black shoes are decorated with copper gear straps.

From the box:

Bless my boilers but I have has quite the monumental day! I suppose it being my first day adds to the excitement of it all. I hardly know where to begin in describing the feeling of...existence. The feeling of steam flowing through my "veins," gears turning, pistons pumping, my father extending his hand to help me take my first steps; almost beyond comprehension. I am alive and the sensation is wonderful! Father leads me to a mirror and I see myself for the first time. I am fearfully and wonderfully made with polished skin and exquisitely placed rivets holding everything together. Then he gives me a pair of the most remarkable boots with rocket jets in the soles. They fit me perfectly. Father leads me out of his workshop and into my first encounter with sun and sky. The colors, the sights, the sounds of the world around me cause a curious sensation inside that bursts forth in a joyous inarticulate noise that Father calls laughter. I leap into the air; my rockets fire and I rise like a spirit unchained, higher and higher until laughter again bursts forth like the rays of the sun. I AM ALIVE!

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  • DKB39
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