Scarah Screams & Hoodude Voodoo 2-Pack

Scarah Screams
Scarah looks flawless with her 60’s retro look. She is wearing a grass green sleeveless turtleneck and a tawny green leatherette skirt with tan belt. On her feet are forest green pumps and holding her long black hair is a grass green headband.

Hoodude Voodoo
Hoodude, the living voodoo doll, is stitched with button eyes and blue strips of cloth for hair. His top half is made to look like a black jacket with a red heart on the chest, red buttons, and red & white stripes on the cuffs, hem, and shoulders. His legs, hands, and feet are made up of blue and white patches held together with black stitching.

Extras for the dolls include black doll stands, Scarah’s diary, and Hoodude’s diary. The 2-pack was an exclusive for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International.

  • Model Number:
  • X0590
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