Scare N Makeup 2-Pack

Scare N Makeup features Clawdeen and Viperine getting ready for an amazing night out. Looking your best doesn’t have to be work. It should be fun while you hang with friends and give each other makeovers.

Clawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen has long purple and green hair that is pulled into a ponytail. Her makeup includes purple lipstick and purple and gold eyeshadow with moon and star accents.

She is wearing a sleeveless dress with a print of green leopard print and black striped yellow lines. The ruffled hem is black with pink, purple, and teal striped designs. She accessorizes with a black zipper belt and spiked purple pumps with lipstick heels.

Viperine Gorgon
Viperine has pink and white streaked hair with light blue snakes that form a headband. She has light blue lipstick and light blue eyeshadow with scale accents.

Her outfit is a pink dress with blue trim and a pattern of snakes, flowers, and makeup compacts. On her feet are light blue sandals with hairdryer heels.

Fashion accessories for the ghouls consist of a blue coffin-shaped makeup compact with a white bone brush, a pink lipstick, and a purple hairdryer. The 2-pack does not include doll stands or brushes.

From the box:

So many scary-fun makeovers to give, so little time! Just kidding - there's always time for a makeover! Makeup is the perfect medium for creating a face of art, and to-die-for hair that completes the picture. But the beast part about giving and receiving makeovers? Fanging out with clawsome friends!

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