Scaris: City of Frights Cafe Cart

The rolling cafe cart is etched magenta outlined by black wrought iron and detailed with swirls and spiderwebs. On the side of the cart is a black sign with “Cafe” and the Eiffel Terror in white with skullettes and swirls in the background.

The wheels and posts are teal and on two of the posts are illegible menus. On top of the translucent teal canopy rests a black bat. The cart has a black & gray coffinccino maker and a purple shelf where pastries are displayed.

A wrought iron table, chair, and bench is provided for ghouls to sit and enjoy their pastries and coffinccino. The purple table has a spiderweb design and a translucent pink umbrella with yellow dangling skulls. The chair is magenta with a spiderweb design and a skull seat. The teal bench has a skull on the back rest and a spiderweb design.

Accessories include a translucent blue glass and bottle, a coffinccino cup, a black vase with yellow dripping flowers, and a variety of pastries.

  • Model Number:
  • Y4308
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