Scaris: City of Frights Catrine DeMew

Catrine is a lovely sight with her inventive and artistic ensemble. She has on a top made up of black, blue, pink, purple, and white uneven horizontal lines. Wrapped around her neck is a pink scarf decorated with a pattern of interconnected black swirls and scrolls. Her circle skirt is two-thirds black with purple, white, and blue spatter; the bottom third uses the same pattern as her top.

She wears wrapped purple pumps with flowers and bows on the back, pink platforms, and pink paintbrush heels. She accessorizes with black sunglasses and a pink double belt. The belt has pouches holding paint brushes and supplies. Her black decorative purse features a purple skyline of Scaris, France and a handle made of ornate scrolls. Also included with this Walmart exclusive is a doll stand, artwork, and Catrine’s sketchbook.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7295
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