Scaris: City of Frights Jinafire Long

Jinafire is a creature of beauty with her long black & green hair, gold scale skin, and elegant wardrobe. She is wearing a purple dress covered with red flames and blue and black clouds. The collared dress has one long black mesh sleeve adorned with red scales. Around her waist is a gold belt that holds a black mesh cover-up with red scales.

Her pumps are red with ankle straps and gold heels. The bottom of the shoes are gold claws holding orbs. Accessories consist of red dangle earrings, a red bracelet, and a black hairstick. The stick has red tassels on each end and a large gold flower in the middle.

Jinafire has a red suitcase detailed with lavish designs, gold flames at the top, and a retractable black handle. The front of the case is adorned with a magnificent Chinese dragon. Also included with the doll is a black brush, doll stand, and Jinafire’s travel journal.

  • Model Number:
  • Y0378
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