Scaris: City of Frights Lagoona Blue & Cleo de Nile 2-Pack

Lagoona is wearing a light blue tank dress covered with shimmery bubbles. Over the dress she has on a semi-sheer black top with pink coral stripes and a pink hem. Each of her pink wedges have an ankle strap and a light blue octopus on the front.

Accessories for the outfit consist of a light blue octopus ponytail holder, a light blue octopus pendant, and a pink tentacle bracelet. Her translucent blue bubble purse has pink tentacle handles. Tied to the purse is a black scarf with a pattern white bubbles and pink coral. Lagoona’s spare shoes are translucent blue multi-strap pumps with bubbles for heels.

Cleo is also wearing a tank dress, but hers is black with a crisscross pattern of shimmery turquoise, yellow, and red mummy bandages. Around her neck is a beige mummy wrap scarf with light blue and red highlights. Each of her wedge sandals have a gold platform etched with a pyramid pattern and an opulent turquoise strap with a scarab on top.

She accessorizes with a gold scarab hair clip, dangling turquoise earrings, three gold triangle bangles, a wide turquoise bead bracelet, a gold studded armband, and a wide gold beaded anklet. Her ornate purse is gold & black and detailed with an elegant floral design. Cleo’s second pair of shoes are gold pumps. Each shoe has a cat laying on top whose tail forms the ankle strap.

The ghouls come with two tote bags. The blue tote has black filigree, spiderwebs, and a pink skullette wearing a beret inside a black diamond. The other tote is black and detailed with gray skullettes, filigree, and a pink Eiffel Terror.

Also included with the Toys”R”Us exclusive 2-pack are two black doll stands, a trading card of Cleo & Deuce; and a card of Lagoona, Draculaura, Frankie, and Rochelle.

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