School Spirit Frankie Stein & Lunch Set

The School Spirit playset includes Frankie Stein with a lunch cart, cafeteria table, and lots of food accessories.

Frankie Stein
Frankie has long black & white striped hair pulled to the back and held with a yellow Skullette bow headband. She has pale green skin, one blue and one green eye, black glasses, and red lips.

Her gray top has yellow trim and a yellow “F” on the chest. The complementary shorts are blue plaid with yellow lightning bolts. Accessories consist of a yellow tote and yellow high tops.

Lunch Set
The four-wheeled food cart is a yellow-green with a Monster High crest and spiderweb accent. The purple backdrop has a shingled awning and an image with lots of food items.

The combination table and bench has a tubular silver frame. The table top and bench are tan.

Accessories consist of two lunch bags, two lunch trays, two cups with straws, two sandwich halves, and a variety of foods and creepy desserts.

  • Model Number:
  • FGD26
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