Scooter & Ghoulia Yelps

This Toys”R”Us exclusive features Ghoulia and Sir Hoots A Lot having fun riding a scooter. Ghoulia is wearing a sleeveless dress that has red, gray, and white diagonal dripping stripes. Over the dress is a white vest with black & silver zipper-like trim. In her ears are white or red crossbone earrings. Her black knee-high boots have black straps with red skulls up the sides.

Ghoulia’s helmet is black with a white stripe and red goggles. Her tombstone backpack is gray with wrought iron designs, a skull wearing goggles, and red straps. If she gets thirsty she has a green cup with a white lid and straw.

Sir Hoots A Lot also needs to be safe when they are on the scooter. He has a black helmet with red goggles.

The red and black scooter fits Ghoulia’s undead style. It has a variety of skulls, a gray rib cage basket, a white spinal column on the foot rest, and skeletal hands holding the mirrors. Cherries decorate the sides, red & black streamers are on the handles, the seat is red with brain wrinkles, and the license plate is personalized with “BRAINS”.

  • Model Number:
  • X4497
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