Scream & Sugar Amanita Nightshade & Nefera de Nile 2-Pack

This 2-pack features Amanita and Nefera hanging out at the Scream & Sugar cafe.

Amanita Nightshade
Amanita has long bluish purple hair that is magenta streaked and pulled to the back. Her light green skin is complemented by swirled magenta eyeshadow, green eyeliner, green lipstick, and leafy vine accents around her eyes.

She is wearing a wonderful satin dress with blue and magenta diagonal stripes decorated with a black leaf print. The neckline is black lace and hanging below the wide scalloped hem is a black lace underskirt.

Accessories consist of a light purple corpse flower headband, black spoon and fork earrings, a light green bracelet, and molded black elbow-length gloves. On her feet are black cupcake-like pumps with vine accents.

Nefera de Nile
Nefera has long straight teal hair with blunt bangs and streaks of purple. She wears teal eyeshadow, purple lipstick, and a diamond on her left cheek.

Her outfit begins with a glittery gold sheer tunic with black trim and a black belt with a scarab buckle. Under the tunic is a tube top that matches her high-waist leggings. The top and leggings have brown, turquoise, and purple wavy lines covered with a hieroglyphic print.

She accessorizes with a large gold Egyptian choker and a gold wrist cuff. On her feet are golden pumps with brick etchings and fan designs.

Food related extras include two goblets and two desserts. The gold goblets have two-headed monsters writhing out of the tops; one is light purple and the other is light green. The first dessert is a toothy black cake with eyes sitting upon a gold plate. The last item is a blue pie in a purple tentacle pan with gold tentacles rising out of the top.

The 2-pack does not come with doll stands or brushes.

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  • DMD73
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