Shriek Wrecked – Shriek Mates Catrine DeMew

Catrine has wavy lavender hair with streaks of pink and purple. She has big blue eyes, light pink eyeshadow, and a dark pink lipstick.

Her blue dress has an adorable print that features blue anchors with ropes, birds, pink flowers, pink mice holding “Catrine” banners, and colorful stars. A black bow tied halterneck and a black double-striped hem complete the dress.

She accessorizes with a black beret decorated by a pink bow. One ear pokes through the beret and holds it in place with a silver stud earring. Her other ear has a silver twine ball earring. Around her neck is a large silver anchor necklace with a pink bow accent. On her feet are blue weaved wedges with pink bows and anchor accents. Her blue handbag has rope handles and a pink anchor and bow emblem.

From the box:

The swashbuckling mateys are on a hunt for buried treasure. But being a pirate is harrrrd work - especially when their vessel gets tossed by monstrous waves! Their cruise of a lifetime is turning out to be all wet!

  • Model Number:
  • DTV83
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