Shriek Wrecked – Nautical Ghouls Rochelle Goyle

Rochelle has pink hair with teal streaks and blunt bangs. It is pulled into a high ponytail that is held to the side with a bow-shaped tentacle. She has blue eyeshadow and pink lips.

Her adorable dress has a boat neck top that is blue with gold trim and a wide ruffled collar with blue & white stripes. Complementing the top is a black skirt covered with “Monster High” banners and octopuses surrounded by pink or blue. Under the skirt is a shiny blue layer with a sucker print and a sparkly black tulle hem.

Accessories begin with a gold tentacle hoop earring and a translucent blue heart-shaped eye patch covered with suckers. A black & blue polka dot scarf is tied around her neck and on top of her head is a large headpiece with a sailing ship surrounded by squirming tentacles. She has light brown molded gloves with sucker accents and around her waist are wrapped gold ropes with a large anchor. On her feet are elaborate knee high boots with a light brown wood texture. They are wrapped in rope, encrusted with stars, decorated with anchors, and have pirate heels. The last item is a gold treasure chest purse with a beaded handle and an octopus emblem.

Rochelle comes with her pet gargoyle gryphon, Roux. He is a light speckled gray and has lavender eyes.

From the box:

Shiver me tombers! The ghouls set sail after Draculaura finds a map featuring a big treasure-y X! But when the seas get choppy, it doesn't take long to discover that none of these wannabe-pirates have sea legs - not even Lagoona! And Rochelle is more anchor than sailor! It's only a matter of time before their adventurous vacation is all washed up!

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