Skullector The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington and Sally are Monster High dolls inspired by characters in the 1993 The Nightmare Before Christmas movie.

Jack Skellington
Jack is a lanky skeleton with a pale complexion, accentuated by hollow, darkened eye sockets and a stitched smile.

He sports his signature black pinstriped tuxedo featuring a skull print. The ensemble includes a jacket with tattered tails, a vest with red and black stripes, and a bat-shaped bow tie. The outfit is perfectly complemented by black dress shoes adorned with swirling hillside heels.

Sally boasts long, straight red hair and a pale blue complexion accentuated by turquoise eyeshadow, vibrant red lips, and stitches adorning her body.

Her unique patchwork dress stands out with an off-the-shoulder top, half yellow and half pink with black prints, a waistband featuring red and black stripes, and a form-fitting skirt adorned with Skullettes and a lengthy spiderweb lace hem.

Completing her ensemble, Sally wears a black headband, earrings, and a necklace, along with a quirky spool of thread purse. Her feet are adorned with black shoes featuring heels shaped like potion bottles.

Jack is 12 inches tall and Sally is 10.5 inches tall. Included with Jack and Sally are doll stands and a certificate of authenticity. They come packaged in a window box with a decorative slip cover.

From the box:

True Love Never Dies
Debuting in the fan-favorite film, Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pumpkin King Jack Skellington and dreamer Sally embark on a wild misadventure that captures the spirit of Halloween, Christmas, and true love.
This collector doll pack celebrates the moment that Jack and Sally realize they're meant to be together forever. Dressed in a boospoke suit with a frightening skeleton print, Jack is ready for a haunting night with Sally, who is dressed in a creeptastic off-shoulder dress with a petrifying patchwork print.
This defrightful collector item captures the nightmarish fun that awaits every night in Halloween Town!

  • Model Number:
  • HNF99
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