Skullector The Shining Grady Twins

The Grady Twins are inspired by characters from the 1980 The Shining film. Each girl has big brown eyes, full lips, ad beautiful brown hair accentuated by an axe barrette.

They have matching outfits that feature babydoll dresses. Each light blue dress is detailed with white dots, sheer sleeves, and a pleated bodice. A pink ribbon with a bow is at the waist and white lace trims the collar, sleeves, and skirt.

On their feet are white knee-high stockings and black mary jane shoes. The shoes have green hedge-like platforms with animal-shaped heels.

Several accessories are included with the twins. There is a key to room 237, a page from Jack’s typewriter, and a tennis ball. These Skullector dolls have 11 points of articulation and include doll stands.

Dolls ordered from the Mattel Creations website also came with a Grady Twins print. Two waves of dolls were made available. The first wave had a print that is individually numbered and limited to 500. The print from the second wave is individually numbered and limited to 900.

From the box:

Come play with us, ghoul... Hello there. We see you playing ALL alone. We, of all ghouls, understand just how lonely this hotel can be... especially when it's monstrously snowy outside. Why don't you come play with us? We have been haunting these halls for ever and ever and ever, lurking for a guest like you to be our new beast friend. Somebody who can appreciate how scary-cute we are - mirror images, holding hands in our matching dresses. OH! Please don't ride your tricycle away! Maybe we can use this key to play a fangtastic game of hide-and-shriek in room 237?! We only hope you have a freaky-fab time here at your stay at the Overlook Hotel.

  • Model Number:
  • GNP21
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