Skulltimate Locker Room & Frankie Stein

This playset includes lots of sports accessories and a Frankie Stein doll.

Locker Room
The locker room has two pink coffin-shaped lockers with with Skullette locks. The lockers open to reveal shelves and hooks for storage.

Next is a blue spiderweb etched bench with twisted black legs and a whiteboard. The board is framed in pink and rests on a purple stand. When you wet the included sponge “chalk” it can be used to write on the whiteboard.

A variety of sports accessories are also supplied. There is a soccer ball, bone bat and eye-ball, teal catcher’s mitt, Skullette racket, and tennis ball. They can be stored in the green net bag. Additional items include a blue ball cap, blue cleats, and a travel cup.

Frankie Stein
Frankie has black & white streaked hair held by a blue headband. Her pale turquoise skin is accented by one blue and one green eye, blue eyeshadow, stitches on her cheek, and red lips. She is blowing a bubblegum bubble.

Her cropped white top features a Monster High emblem, pink 3/4 sleeves, and blue trim. The outfit is completed by black shorts with blue trim.

She accessorizes with blue Skullette earrings and blue wrist warmers. on her feet are white high tops with pink lightning bolts.

  • Model Number:
  • DXY09
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