Skulltimate Science Class & Frankie Stein

The playset includes Frankie in her Science Class with a school desk, whiteboard, a lab frame & cabinet, and a lab bench with experiments.

Frankie Stein
Frankie has black & white streaked hair that is straight with choppy ends. Her makeup features pink eyeshadow and pink lipstick. She is a budget doll and lacks articulation at the elbows and wrists.

Her outfit is a white dress decorated to look like a lab coat. It is printed with a yellow “F” , a shirt & tie image at the neckline, a seam with silver Skullette buttons, blue splatter, and a magnifying glass in a pocket with an atomic symbol. To protect her eyes she has studded blue safety goggles. On her feet are blue studded wedges with lightning bolt cutouts and lightning bolt embossed heels.

Science Class
The school desk has blue claw legs, a black spiderweb seat, and a drippy back with zigzags and Skullettes. The blue desktop is etched with a pencil, paper, and spiderwebs.

Next is the whiteboard which has a dark blue frame with a Skullette accent and a black studded stand. To write on the whiteboard get the blue Skullette marker wet. An extra beaker is included to dip the marker.

The lab frame has black pillars with lightning bolt designs, Skullette toppers, and spiderweb accents. One pillar has a pink shelf with a back image of beakers, test tubes, plants, and spiderwebs. The pink top of the frame is decorated with scientific images and symbols and a blue clock in the center. The clock has a green face with an angular swirl, pink Skullette hands, and “13” at the top.

The lab bench has a blue claw-legged frame with a shelf, wrought iron spiderwebs, and a Skullette emblem. The black top has the Monster High logo and a dropper holder. The clear dropper has a pink bulb with a Skullette.

On top of the bench is a pink & blue Skullette funnel with a chartreuse goo base and two removable beakers; one with bubbles and the other with a green critter. Cold water can be poured down the funnel and into a beaker to change the color of the critter or bubbles.

Additionally, there is a three-eyed frog inside a container with a green bubbly goo top. The container’s black base has a pink button that when pressed makes the frog hop. There is also a pink plant in a light green pot. When water is added the plant rises.

From the box:

Frankie knows that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and she also likes to think of it as Scary-cool, Totes-fun, Educational and Monstrously exciting! She especially loves Science Class, where there are always voltageous experiments bubbling up!

  • Model Number:
  • DNX37
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