Social Spots Student Lounge

The Student Lounge includes a game table, couch, and vending machine. The silver coffin-shaped oozeball table is outlined with studs, has spiderweb cutouts, a pink field, and black spiderweb styled wrought iron legs. The table has two rods of green zombie players, two rods of magenta zombie players, and comes with two brain balls.

The pink couch has spiderweb tufted cushions with skullette buttons. The frame is black wrought iron decorated with rows of studs, a spider skull at the top, and an ornate spiderweb design in the front.

The coffin-shaped vending machine is black with spiderweb cutouts in the back, pink shelves and cranks, and a magenta front. The front has a quilted design that is outlined with studs and has vending buttons and controls. It has green goo at the top, the Monster High crest, a spiderweb-etched clear door, and a low blue door decorated with skullettes.

The machine is filled with a bag of piranha crackers, a red cherry juice bottle, a green sour apple juice box, a blue sour apple juice box, crunchy mouse tails, and two studded soda cans; one red and one blue. Also included with the playset is a green laptop and a purple tombstone shaped tablet.

  • Model Number:
  • BJR20
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