Voltageous Science Class Frankie Stein & Draculaura 2-pack

The 2-Pack features Frankie Stein and Draculaura dressed for some exciting experiments.

Frankie Stein
Frankie has white hair with black streaks that is pulled into a long ponytail. Her pale green complexion is complemented by one green and one blue eye, gray shadow, green eye liner, and green lips.

She is wearing a sea green lab coat dress with a print of pink buttons, black stitches and colorful splatter. The look is completed with molded black leggings and silver knee-high boots with lightning details. Her lab accessories include blue lightning goggles and a jar with a translucent green monster.

Draculaura has straight pink hair with black streaks. She has pale pink skin, purple eyes with gray shadow, fanged pink lips, and a heart on her cheek.

Her pink dress has a serrated white lapel, a black waist, serrated hem, and a scientific print. The print has winged hearts, beakers, atomic symbols, and formulas. Pink booties, batty pink goggles, and a pink laptop complete her lab outfit.

From the box:

Draculaura's solo experiments in science class can go kind of batty. But with Frankie as her lab partner, they're sure to be voltageous!

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  • FHB22
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