Wave 1 Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen boasts long brown hair with highlights, curls, and her wolf-like ears poking through. She is wearing a fearsome purple, black & peach ensemble that features a jacket, skirt, and boots.

The black jacket has purple cuffs and hem as well as a purple fur collar. It is worn over a peach and black tiger striped top. Her short skirt is purple with black stitching and black tulle at the hem. She has long open-toe peach socks to go with her knee-high black and purple-strapped sandal boots.

She accessorizes the outfit with a black belt with gold studs, a gold necklace, and two hoop earrings in each ear. Her purse is black with purple straps and gold buckles, zippers, and studs. Also included with the doll is an orange brush, orange doll stand, her diary, and Crescent, Clawdeen’s cat.

  • Model Number:
  • N5947
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