Wave 3 Clawdeen & Howleen Wolf 2-Pack

This 2-pack has a couple of cute and sassy werewolf sisters who look amazing.

Clawdeen is wearing a sleeveless high-waist dress that features a shiny green top half with purple leopard print. The bottom is black with two columns of horizontal gold stripes. One leg has a gold and purple tiger striped knee-high sock and her shoes are gold open-toed cut out heels.

Accessories for the outfit include four gold bangles on one wrist and two gold hoop earrings in each ear. Clawdeen’s hair is purple with black & green striped highlights in the front.

Howleen has on a half black & half orange tank top with yellow moons and blue clouds on the black half. Over the top she has a blue sleeveless hoodie with patterns of different colored paw prints. Her black shorts have a single blue suspender with yellow grommets and one leg also has blue trim with yellow grommets. On each leg she has a different type of sock. The short sock is pink mesh and the thigh high sock has blue, yellow & orange horizontal stripes. Her black shoes are accentuated by blue straps with yellow buckles.

Her accessories comprise of an orange paw print pendant and a yellow safety pin earring. On one wrist she has a blue, black & pink triple bracelet and on the other is a yellow vambrace with three yellow straps and blue buckles. Howleen’s hair is orange and styled into a frohawk. Also included with the doll is a blue & yellow paw print backpack with orange straps and Cushion, her pet hedgehog.

  • Model Number:
  • X5227
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