Wave 3 Meowlody & Purrsephone 2-Pack

This 2-pack features twin werecat sisters wearing ferociously fabulous outfits.

Meowlody is wearing a sleeveless black top with white tiger print and a short red skirt with black stitching. Over the top she has a sleeveless black jacket with red trim and two wide horizontal silver stripes. On her feet are black open-toed knee-high boots with red heels and tied with black bows up the front.

Purrsephone has a sleeveless white top with black tiger print and the same short red skirt as Meowlody. The jacket is red with silver trim, six silver strips, and a wide horizontal black stripe with silver studs. Her open-toed boots are also black with red heels, but are tied with laces up the front.

Both sisters have matching accessories that include a red studded bracelet, a black & red studded bracelet, and a red fingerless glove. Their purses are red balls of yarn.

Included with the dolls is a shared diary. Journal entries of Meowlody and Purrsephone are differentiated by ink color.

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  • W9215
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