Wave 3 Operetta

Operetta resonates a creative beauty with her white jacket that features black spiderwebs, puffy sleeves and keyboard cuffs, a black collar, and a skullette button. Under the jacket is a black & purple patterned sleeveless top with white buttons. Her pants are blue jeans with red stitching and wide folded cuffs. The black & white shoes have white laces, a spiderweb pattern, and black treble clefs for heels.

Her outfit is accentuated with a variety of black & white accessories. She has a black die ring and a keyboard bracelet. Her white belt has black musical notes and black chains with even more notes. There are two different dice earrings: a white die earring with five black dots and a black die earring with six white dots. Over one eye she has a translucent black heart-shaped mask.

Extras for the doll include a black brush, doll stand, her diary, and Memphis “Daddy O” Longlegs, her pet spider. She also has a black & red guitar case adorned with white spiderwebs and black treble clefs.

  • Model Number:
  • W9116
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