Wave 3 Nefera de Nile

Nefera looks absolutely stunning in her single-sleeved top and layered skirt. The top features a pattern of mummy bandages with pink and turquoise highlights. The skirt has a combination of ruffle strips that are black or have the bandage pattern. Attached to the skirt is a turquoise mesh sash that drapes over one shoulder.

Around each ankle are leg warmers with the same wrappings pattern as her top. Her gold sandals each have black on the sides, pink & turquoise on the band, and a turquoise cobra for the heel.

She enriches her wardrobe with a translucent blue ring, a gold bracelet, and a gold snake necklace with a red disc pendant. One gold earring is a triangle and the other is a snake. Around her waist is a wide gold belt encircled by a golden snake and on her head is a gold head piece. Her gold wedge purse has turquoise on the sides and a gold snake handle.

Extras for the doll include a black brush, doll stand, her diary, and Azura, her pet scarab beetle.

  • Model Number:
  • W9115
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