Wave 4 Robecca Steam

Robecca looks technologically beautiful in her retro-futuristic ensemble. She is wearing a black pleather power shoulder jacket with gold trim along the edges of the short sleeves. Under the jacket is a a half pleather and half fabric sleeveless dress.

The top of the dress has blue straps and blue fabric with a pattern of tan & copper dots and diamonds. The rest of the dress is black pleather with blue horizontal stripes and a pattern of gears and mechanical parts in the middle. Over the skirt is a riveted blue cage. On her feet are copper knee-high rocket boots with laces up the front, tubing on the sides, and small wings.

Accessories encompass copper goggles, dangling copper gears for earrings, and a blue & yellow vambrace on one forearm. Her round blue purse has a hinged clock face with a skull in the center. Robecca’s long wavy hair is black with blue highlights.

Extras for the doll consist of a brush, doll stand, her diary, and Captain Penny, her robotic penguin.

  • Model Number:
  • X3652
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