Wheelin’ Werecats Sisters & Scooter

The Wheelin’ Werecats playset features Meowlody and Purrsephone riding their scooter. The black scooter is decorated with a white skull and tiger print down the front as well as tiger print on the sides. It has a red headlight, pink grips with streamers, and pink skeletal mirrors. A gray rib cage basket is on the front and the foot rest has a white spinal column running down the center. The sccooter has a yellow seat, gray exhaust pipes, pink wheels, a bony white kickstand, and a personalized license plate with “MEOW2”.

Meowlody has long white hair with one streak decorated by black stripes. She has yellow eyes with yellow eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Her gray skin has white stripes on her left arm and right leg.

She is wearing a black and pink animal print jumper with multiple neck and shoulder straps. A molded black fingerless glove is on her right hand and on her feet are black knee high boots with yellow soles with fanged mouth heels. She has a black cat-eared helmet with yellow goggles and a yellow purse with a black & gold strap.

Purrsephone has long black hair with a black striped white streak. She has yellow eyes, pink eyeshadow, and yellow lipstick. Her gray skin has white stripes on her right arm and left leg.

Her jumper is just like Meowlody’s except that it is yellow and black. She has a molded fingerless glove on her left hand and her black knee high boots have pink soles and bows on the platform heels. Purrsephone’s cat-eared helmet is yellow with pink goggles and her purse is pink with a black & gold strap.

Also included with the playset are two teal travel cups with white straws and lids.

From the box:

The werecats are on the prowl, with their scooter skulled-up and ready to purr. The ghouls like to explore the tomb by moonfright, riding furriously fast 'til the sun comes up (when every smart kitty know it's naptime). The only thing that holds this daring duo back? Agreeing on the deadstination.

  • Model Number:
  • CKD71
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