Winning Werewolves – Clawdeen Wolf & Clawd Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen has brown hair with streaks of purple that is pulled to the back. Her light brown complexion is complemented by sandy brown eyes with purple and pink shadow, fanged pink lips, and black and pink eye grease.

Her outfit features a cropped white top with pink mesh shoulders, pink and white jagged stripes, and the Monster High crest. The black sweats has a white waist with pink drawstring, pink leg stripes, and white cuffs.

She accessorizes with a pink & black Skullette bow and a pink & black pompom. On her feet are purple high tops.

Clawd Wolf
Clawd has dark brown hair with a high and tight cut. He has brown skin, fanged lips, sandy brown eyes, and black and red eye grease.

His uniform has a black tank top with saw tooth trim, a pink and white jagged stripe, and “12” with a jagged blue outline. The matching black shorts have a pink hem. On his feet are turquoise high tops.

Sports accessories consist of a gold football and a light blue helmet and shoulder pads. The helmet has red, white, and blue stripes, and the pads have pink claw marks.

  • Model Number:
  • DXY10
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