Zombie Shake Rochelle Goyle & Venus McFlytrap 2-Pack

Venus has pink & green hair with streaks of black. One pink side is shaved short and colored with a brain outline. The rest of her hair is in a high ponytail and adorned with a translucent green headdress made up of wiggly vines. She is wearing a sleeveless black dress decorated with jagged metallic green stripes and small white stripes. The dress has a serrated hem and a pink tulle top layer.

Translucent green ivy accessories consist of an earring, a necklace, an arm wrap, and two leg wraps. She also has a spiked black wrist cuff and a jagged green belt. On her feet are pink wedges with mouth-like fronts and teeth on the heels. Her clutch is translucent green with a silver zipper.

Rochelle’s pink & blue curls are worn in a ponytail. She wears a black headband with a light blue brain and black tulle accents. Her collared black dress features a metallic purple print made up of fleur-de-lys and skullettes. The dress is sleeveless, has a jagged hem, and is embellished with a black tulle top layer.

She accessorizes with a black cuff, a light blue cuff, and a light blue belt with swirls and a fleur-de-lis. On her feet are peep-toe pumps with shackle ankle straps and cathedral window etchings on the sides. Her black hand bag features ornate light blue designs.

Also included with the dolls is a black brush, two doll stands, and a diary shared by Rochelle & Venus.

From the box:

It's the biggest dance of the year at Monster High and every ghoul and manster at MH can't wait to show up in their finest zombie shriek fashions for this creeporificilly cool chance to show off their most uhhhh-mazing moves. It will surely be a party rocking in the house to fright, and every monster is going to have a ghoul time.

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