Zomby Gaga

Zomby Gaga has long wavy hair that is pink with soft purple highlights and tied into a high ponytail. Her undead complexion is complemented by sparkly purple and silver eyeshadow. Veiny lines extend down from her hairline, her nose is colored black, and her pink lips are striped and extended with stitches. A bony tattoo decorates her neck and on her hands are bones, spiderwebs, and “Lady Gaga” spelled out on her fingers.

She is wearing a black tuxedo with a white collared shirt and black bow tie. The jacket has flared sleeves and the pants have bell bottoms. On her feet are black lace-up booties with high platforms and stiletto heels. She accessorizes with black sunglasses and a bubblegum bubble.

Zomby Gaga’s second outfit is much more casual. The sleeveless flannel shirt dress is red and black plaid embellished with “Born This Way” and irregular double white lines. Underneath the dress are black fishnet tights.

The doll is inspired by Zombie Boy (Rick Genest) and the ensemble worn by Lady Gaga in the Born This Way music video.

From the box:

Lady Gaga is Zomby Gaga! Age: Like my love, my age is infinite. Killer Style: I believe in staying true to myself! What I wear is an expression of my thoughts, loves, hopes and dreams. My fashion changes from day to day, just like my mood and tastes! Monster Quirk: Even when I feel sad and alone I can't hide who I truly am and I wouldn't have it any other way, because - like the real you - the real me is brave, strong, and BORN THIS WAY. Favorite Activity: I want to inspire every monster to join me in a worldwide kindness movement! Let's all spread love, bravery and acceptance. Inspired by the artistry of Zombie Boy!

  • Model Number:
  • FCD09
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