13 Wishes Lagoona Blue

Lagoona looks remarkable with her yellow hair, cute bangs, banded ponytail, and pink flower barrette. She’s wearing a strapless magenta dress with a serrated hem and pattern of black scale-like lines. The single sleeve and top layer of the dress are sheer turquoise. The sleeve is decorated with black trim and black frills along the neckline.

Translucent accessories for the outfit consist of pink dragonfly earrings, a green sea turtle pendant, and a green sea turtle bracelet. On her feet are translucent turquoise wedges with green seaweed straps and heels. She also has green seaweed goggles and a translucent blue fishbowl purse that holds Neptuna, her pet piranha.

Also included with the doll is a black brush, doll stand, and Lagoona’s diary.

  • Model Number:
  • BBV48
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