13 Wishes Spectra Vondergeist & Party Lounge

Spectra is ready to party in her sleeveless purple mini dress that matches her hair. The dress is worn under a purple tulle cover-up that features a black & gold neckline, bell sleeves, and a pattern of gold chains. It is held around her waist by a gold chain belt. On her feet are gold wedges wrapped in gold chains.

The party lounge has a light blue base and a center black backdrop that features an image of ghouls dancing under a skullette disco ball. Gold spiderweb ornaments with bat wings hang from the top. On each side of the backdrop are pink walls with decorative cut-outs and fold-out shelves. Further out are larger black walls decorated with spiderweb designs, cut-outs, and fold-out shelves that can hold the two translucent blue cocktails.

For music there is an ornate gold DJ table decorated with spiderweb and filigree designs. The table has black turntables, gold headphones, and white skeleton hands to hold the black coffin-shaped laptop. A matching gold pedestal chair accompanies the DJ table. Two pink coffins with black speakers and spiderweb accents are also included.

This playset folds into a carrying case with the black parts forming a decorative skullette with a pink cut-out bow on the front. The back of the case has an image of an oasis at night. An MP3 player can be connected to the built-in speakers in the base to play music.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7720
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