13 Wishes Twyla

Twyla is wearing a lovely ensemble that complements her wavy pastel green hair with blue stripes. She has on a 3/4 sleeve top that is dark purple with black vertical stripes dotted with spiders. The top’s black collar is accentuated by a black bow.

Continuing the outfit is a black triple-tiered skirt decorated with seafoam green squiggles & swirls. Each tier of the skirt is trimmed with purple tulle.

Accessories consist of silver doorknob earrings, two lavender bangles, a black bangle, and a seafoam green bracelet with a dangling spiderweb dreamcatcher in the shape of a Skullette. Around her waist is a seafoam green belt with a skullette buckle and dangling spider.

Her rounded blue bag has a black handle and features a seafoam green spiderweb dreamcatcher on the side. On her feet are purple Oxford pumps with seafoam green laces, black platforms, and swirling heels.

Also included with the doll is a black brush, doll stand, Twyla’s diary, and Dustin, her pet dust bunny.

  • Model Number:
  • Y7708
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