A Pack of Trouble – Wolf Family 4-Pack

This 4-pack features Clawd, Clawdeen, Clawdia, and Howleen Wolf wearing similar outfits. The Wolf family of werewolves have gotten together for a family photo.

Clawd has dark brown hair shaved short with a mohawk on top. He is wearing a polo shirt with a white collar, blue & black claw marked stripes, and yellow highlights. His shorts are gray and his purple sneakers have blue claw mark accents.

Clawdeen has curly brown hair with purple streaks. Her sleeveless top has a white collar, black & green claw marked stripes, and purple highlights. The high-waisted skirt is purple leopard print with a purple tulle top skirt. Over her shoulders is a black faux fur shawl. Accessories include three studded gold hoop earrings and a studded gold wrist cuff. On her feet are gold strappy platform wedges.

Clawdia has bright yellow hair worn in a ponytail. She has on a white sleeveless collared blouse decorated with pink crossbones. Over the top is a 3/4 sleeve jacket with black & yellow claw marked stripes and red highlights. Her red shorts have a turquoise ribbon belt and feature an elaborate print of crossbones and triangles. She accessorizes with brown glasses and a pyramid studded gold bracelet. One her feet are yellow pumps decorated with studs.

Howleen has shoulder length pink hair with orange accents. She is wearing a pink claw marked shirt under a 3/4 sleeve cropped top. The black & orange striped top has light purple claw marks and a white collar. Her pants are blue with a pattern of black paw prints. Accessories consist of two wide pink bracelets, a black beaded bracelet, and black wedge booties.

This Walmart exclusive does not include doll stands.

From the box:

The only thing howlingly harder than taming a mane of full moon hair is trying to make us be serious for a sibling photograph. Fortunately, it’s only the four of us in this one because when all the brothers and sisters get together the photographer wants hazard pay.

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