Abbey Bominable Collector Doll

Abbey has long crimped hair that is streaked pink, blue, white, purple and black. She has a light blue complexion, icicle eyebrows, and purple eyes. Her makeup consists of blue eyeliner, a magenta shadow mask, purple dots, tusk accents, and pink lipstick.

Her outfit features a blue dress with a shimmery winter print. The skirt is detailed with a furry black & white chevron pattern.

Accessories include a white mammoth bone headpiece, a black & white fur stole with a red crystal clasp, and matching furry black & white leg warmers. On her feet are pink booties with silver laces, cleats, and translucent ice heels with woolly mammoths inside.

Accompanying Abbey is Shiver, her pet woolly mammoth. He is lavender with white fur, magenta eyes, and curled tusks. He is in an adorable sitting pose.

  • Model Number:
  • FGD27
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