Create-A-Monster Starter Pack Cat & Witch

This starter pack lets you build your own Monster High dolls. It has two sets of body parts and two outfits.

Doll Parts
The cat is light pink with arms, legs, torso, cat ears, tail, and head. The forearms and calves are adorned with black stripes.

Her head has blue cat eyes, green shadow, a pink nose, whiskers, and dark red lips. The hair is streaked blue and purple and styled in a bob cut with bangs.

The witch has light green arms, legs, torso, and a head. The head has green eyes, purple eyeshadow, and green lips.

The first outfit is a black sleeveless dress with yellow ruffles along the neckline and hem. The ruffles are decorated with black stitch stripes.

Next is a black shirt with a dead green bird graphic. The shirt is complemented by a blue skirt with black tiger stripes.

Accessories consist of a black mini-hat, a black belt with a green Skullette buckle, and a pair of black open-toe pumps with winding straps. There is also a black Skullette brush.

  • Model Number:
  • X3724
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