Deluxe Fashion Operetta

Operetta will be a stunning sight while wearing one of these music-themed outfits. The first is a white rockabilly dress embellished with a shiny purple collar and detailed with a pattern of purple spiderwebs and musical filigree. Over the dress is a purple vest etched with a red music note heart.

The second outfit features a red off-the-shoulder top with a large white collar. The collar is decorated with black and red wavy lines and music notes. Accentuating the top is a black pencil skirt with four wavy white-stitched lines.

Red accessories consist of a dice belt, a swirling heart-shaped mask, and earrings with hearts shaped into music notes. The purse is purple with four etched dots on the side and a black & white keyboard strap. Shoes for the outfits are a pair of red spiderweb peep-toe pumps with white soles and stacked dice for heels.

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  • Y0405
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