Deluxe Fashion Robecca Steam

Robecca will look amazing in these fun steampunk emsembles. The first outfit is a sleeveless blue dress adorned with a light blue bow around the neck and a ruffled hem. It is decorated with a pattern of shiny bronze cogs & skulls and light blue gear-themed filigree.

The second outfit has a black shirt with a blue neckline and a pattern of interconnected blue grommet lines and bronze rings. Over the shirt is an underbust top that features a blue, pink & black diamond pattern. The black, blue & bronze striped shorts are decorated with bronze cogs and gears.

Accessories consist of a dangling bronze gear earring, a translucent blue eye patch monacle, and a bronze belt embellished with chains, rivets, and gauges. The riveted bronze purse is detailed with screws, blue dials, and blue gauges. For shoes the wardrobe has peep-toe riveted pumps that are blue with bronze platforms and heels.

  • Model Number:
  • Y0407
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