Deluxe High School

The Deluxe High School is an updated version of the Deadluxe High School. Most of the changes are color variations. It still has three stories, eight rooms, doll clips, and multiple accessories. When completely opened, it is five feet wide and four feet tall.

The outside of the school is purple, lavender, and violet with lots of wrought iron designs and bricks overgrown with ivy. Leading to the tall entrance doors are lavender steps and pillars guarded by gargoyles.

First Floor
On the first floor is the event area, library, and Creepateria. The event area and entrance way has blue stairs on each side, lavender pillars, and purple and magenta coffin lockers. It is furnished with a tall Skullette table with and a clawfoot couch that is black with a tufted pink seat.

The library is small and decorated with images of ornate shelves full of books. The outer wall is a secret door that rotates to the outside.

The Creepateria has a lavender pillar and big coffin-shaped windows. It is furnished with a green lunch counter and a pink picnic table with a swirled silver frame.

Second Floor
The second floor has the bathroom, radio station, vampire lounge, and classroom. The bathroom is at the top of the stairs and has a sink and mirror.

The second staircase leads to the radio station. It has a pink DJ table adorned with a blue Monster High crest. On the table is a laptop and microphone.

Everything is upside down in the vampire lounge. There is even an upside down black and pink throne that can seat a doll.

The classroom is decorated with purple bookshelves and has a hanging chalkboard. It is furnished with pink pedestal chairs and a pink and silver school desk.

Third Floor
At the top is a clock tower with purple bricks and a green clock. It folds open to create an office with an ornate black desk.

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  • DMF91
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