Fright-Mares Bay Tidechaser

Bay is a sea monster hybrid with long teal hair and a turquoise fin on the top of her head. Her skin is seafoam green and her wings are fin-like and transition from coral pink to aquamarine. She has teal eyebrows, aquamarine eyes, coral pink eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, blue lips, and blue dots that run down the bridge of her nose.

She is wearing a coral pink strappy top with a teal seahorse graphic. Around her waist is a gold multi-strand belt with coral charms. Her horse body is blue with an aquamarine fin-like tail. A coral pink aquatic design decorates her back leg and golden wraps with seaweed accents cover her front legs.

From the box:

I unlive for the ocean wind in my mane and the waves on my hoofs. I mean, is there anything better than to gallop on the beach at dawn?

  • Model Number:
  • DGD16
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