Fright-Mares Caprice Whimcanter

Caprice is a dragonfly hybrid with magenta hair that has a teal streak, purple highlights, curled bangs, and is pulled high into a puffy bunch. Curled black antennae poke through her hair. She has light blue skin with magenta eyebrows, blue eyes, teal and purple eyeshadow, magenta lips, and a treble clef on her left cheek. Her translucent purple dragonfly wings are embossed with music notes and black sheet music.

She is wearing a blue strapless top with a black print on the front. Covering her eyes are teal glasses and around her neck is a magenta collar with music notes and a scalloped hem. Her horse body is pearlescent green with a bushy magenta tail. Blue violet leg wraps with musical accents cover her front legs and black sheet music with lavender dragonflies decorate her back leg.

From the box:

I travel to the flap of my own wings, always humming the tune in my heart. Unlife is filled with whimsy and music, and I want to enjoy every note!

  • Model Number:
  • DJF26
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