Fright-Mares Fawntine Fallowhart

Fawntine is a deer hybrid with long white blonde hair with a streak of green. Large antlers are on top of her head and they are decorated with pink flowers, bird skulls, and two skeletal birds. Her beige skin is complemented by antler-like eyebrows, green eyes with mint green and pink eyeshadow, pink lips, and mint green freckles on her cheeks.

She is wearing a pink tank top with an image of green leafy ivy. Around her waist is a green ivy belt with multiple strands that connect to a bird skull in the front. Her deer body is brown with leafy green spots at the back and a white tail. Green ivy is printed on her left legs and green wraps with leafy vines cover her front legs.

From the box:

My friends say I'm a little bit quiet and a little bit shy, and I suppose they're a little bit right. Although I prefer to think of myself as gentle, which suits me right down to the ground.

  • Model Number:
  • DJF12
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