Fright-Mares Penepole Steamtail

Penepole is a butterfly hybrid with magenta hair that has purple highlights and blunt bangs. She has pale pink skin, deep purple lips, and magenta eyebrows with swirls and dots. Her eyes are green with purple eyeshadow and she wears chartreuse glasses. On the top of her head is a spiral horn and on her back are bronze mechanical wings with lots of gears, cogs, and pistons.

She is wearing a dark turquoise corset with front straps, swirls, and green gear accents. Around her waist is a green multi-strand chain belt embellished with gears and a horsehoe charm. Her horse body is burgundy with a wavy purple tail. Dark turquoise wraps that match her corset cover her front legs and a yellow-green design with swirls, gears, and cogs decorates her back leg.

From the box:

I'm a finely tuned Fright-Mare who's geared to trot like a top. I believe precision makes the world go 'round and that includes getting my name right. It's P-E-N-E-P-O-L-E! Please pronounce it precisely.

  • Model Number:
  • DGD15
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