Ghoul’s Alive! Robecca Steam

Robecca has wavy black & blue hair and riveted bronze skin. She has gear-shaped irises, purple eyeshadow, and dark lips.

Her ornate dress features a blouse with black and copper sleeves. The top half is a blue pattern of copper dots and diamonds. The midriff is black and decorated with blue stripes and copper gears. Completing the look is a black skirt under a blue cage.

Copper accessories consist of welder goggles and dangling earrings. On her wrist is a blue wrist cuff. Her lace-up copper boots have tubing on the sides and rockets on the soles.

Robecca is similar to the Signature doll, but also has the Ghoul’s Alive! feature. Her chest opens, her heart glows, gears spin, and her rocket boots “fire”.

  • Model Number:
  • BDD92
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