Great Scarrier Reef – Glowsome Ghoulfish Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen has beautiful brown hair with streaks of turquoise and magenta. It is pulled into a high ponytail with her ears poking through. Her skin is lavender and protruding from each forearm is a small spiny fin. From the waist down she has the body of a wolffish that is purple, scaled, and decorated with an aqua blue design filled with dots and crescent moons. At her hips are light green wing-like fins with small cutouts. Her tail fins are green and also have small cutouts.

She is wearing a dark purple one-shoulder top wit ha flared v-hem. The top is adorned with a pattern of turquoise and purple swirly spiderweb shapes. Complementing the top is a copper fish hook earring and a green chain chest piece. The chest piece is hooked to her upper arms, connects at her chest, runs to her wast, and forms a belt with dangling charms.

Clawdeen’s wing-like fins are glow-in-the-dark and she is able to stand on her tail fins. She does not come with a brush or doll stand.

From the box:

The ghouls are swimming in troubled waters after a whirlpool pulls them from Monster High all the way to Lagoona's home in the Great Scarrier Reef. But that's only the beginning of their aquatic adventures! Now, the ghouls find themselves with fintastic fishy forms, and Lagoona must face her childhood bully... and her worst fear! Will they continue to make waves, or reveal their true bravery and make their way back to stand on dry ground?

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  • DHB53
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