I Love Fashion Abbey Bominable

Abbey looks amazing with straight white hair accentuated by a blue and pink underlayer highlights. This Toys”R”Us exclusive comes with a lovely pink dress plus two additional outfits.

She is wearing a pink sleeveless turtleneck sweater dress that features black lacing down the front ending with two dangling draw strings. Black leg warmers cover her calves and the tops of her boots. The lace-up booties are black & purple with purple heels.

Her second outfit consists of a sleeveless pink dress with a purple fracture pattern. The dress has a top layer with a wide white faux fur waist and a black tulle skirt.

The last outfit has a single long sleeve shirt covered with pink, purple, and white angular shapes. The shirt is accompanied by white pants decorated with pink and purple sparkly snowflakes.

For shoes Abbey has white peep-toe heels with side cut-outs and a pair of black lace-up boots. Accessories include a variety of translucent items. She has a pink snowflake earring, a pink icicle earring, a purple pendant, two pink bangles, two black bangles, and two purple bracelets. The doll’s ice crystal purse is translucent purple and her iCoffin phone is black & blue.

Abbey does not come with a brush or doll stand. The doll may also be referred to as”I Heart Fashion Abbey Bominable”.

From the box:

On mountain, most important fashion is warm and clothes are kept in large trunk with aging cheese of the yak. here in the down below there is closet and styles are not desirable to smell like yak pizza topping. Fashion can also be stylish not just warm. Is nice also to have own closet without having to share with whole family as youngest must store clothes on bottom with cheese. Fashion never smelled so good. xx Abbey

  • Model Number:
  • X4492
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